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All quivers are made from 6061 aluminum and Type II hard black anodized. We have 44 mag in stock and ready to ship.



Adding a few extra rounds to your gun within quick reach for that fast reload and follow up shots. Our 3 round quivers are ergonomically angled for quick bullet removal. The size of the brass can vary drastically between manufactures and after reloading. These Mlok compatible quivers utilize polymer set screws for proper bullet retention so it will hold the bullet in place till you need it. We currently offer these in .44 Mag

94 in stock

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What happens when a few guys in the Northwest decide to step off the motorcycles, park the 4x4's, put out the campfire and decide to build some cool ass guns...Wren Metal Works is a licensed 07 FFL Manufacturer of Firearms and a licensed 02 SOT Manufacturer of NFA Firearms. We specialize in custom integrally suppressed firearms, and custom Cerakote finishes.  We look forward to working with you to build your next custom firearm.
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