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Wren Metal Works began in 2015 when we decided to tackle the ‘what’s next’ question for aviation, firearms, agriculture, what have you.  We are a unique mix of imagineers, fabricators and machinists aiming to dream up a better product, prototype it, and then bring it to market.  Our current focus is on integrally suppressed rifle systems.

We are an ITAR compliant FFL 07 02 SOT Firearms Manufacture

We are a full service machine shop with CNC equipment, full service Gunsmithing and Cerakoting…if you can dream it up, we can likely build it.  What would you like to do?

To be truly quiet you need a bullet that moves under 1125 FPS (feet per second). We needed a cartridge size and bullet weight that compliments subsonic integrally suppressed systems. We work closely with IQ Munitions who make an incredible selection of subsonic ammunition. Utilizing the heavy hitting .44 Mag, 400 grain with 888 foot pounds at the muzzle and the 45-70 with 550 grain with 1230 foot pounds of muzzle energy for our builds.

Shooting subsonic ammunition is the key to quiet.

Subsonic suppressed shooting has gained great popularity in recent years for use in the field, at the range, or in self defense. The current commercially available subsonic .44 caliber ammunition is either the .44 special cartridge which can be fired in firearms chambered in .44 magnum, or a subsonic specific .44 magnum load with an off-the-shelf projectile weight of generally around 240 grains. Either way that leaves you with a fairly anemic 432 to 533 foot pounds of energy at the muzzle.

The development of IQ Munitions .44 magnum subsonic ammo took several years and many thousands of rounds fired. The 400 grain hard cast and coated Long Wide Nose flat point was developed specifically for our loading through trial and error. The subsonic cartridge has been extensively tested for safe chamber pressures, consistent shot to shot velocities and exceptional accuracy out of numerous factory rifles and revolvers.

We work closely with IQ Munitions out of Montana to get the quietest, most accurate subsonic round that money can buy.

The ATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms) has rules about who can own firearms.  Beyond that an act from the 30’s called the National Firearms Act (NFA) further limits who can own suppressors.  The process is a lengthy background check along with a tax stamp payment which is currently $200.  The process is that you provide to the ATF, usually through a company like SilencerShop, your information including fingerprints and photo.  SilencerShop will merge your info into an ATF form and submit it all.  Once submitted you wait…and wait…and about the time you forgot why you did it all, you get approved you are allowed to take possession of your firearm.  We are seeing 8 months on average for this process.  This document has a good walk through of the process.

We get this a lot. With all the color options and patterns available with Cerakote there are endless options for the finished look. Some clients prefer a more classic look while others go all out with whatever they can dream up. We work with you to create exactly what you are looking for.

We have been involved in idea generation and prototyping for some time.  You haven’t heard of us because that process isn’t all that exciting.  Like a foundation on your house, very critical, just not sexy.  Now that we have dreamed up, designed, prototyped, tested, broken, redesigned rebuilt and finally we are ready to bring them to market…so that is why you are seeing them now.

Yes you can!  The Integrally suppressed weapons we have chosen to work with require the Ruger 77/44 (which are very hard to source) Henry’s 44 Mag, Marlin’s 45-70 and Rossi’s 44 Mag. The offerings from Henry, Rossi and Marlin in lever guns are very popular and can be hard to find. If you have one, or can get one handily, send it to us, we do our magic and send it to your FFL, and in less than a year, you have it.

If you would like us to supply a gun for your custom build we are willing to do so. We will most likely just go on Gunbroker find the first “buy it now” gun available and buy it for you, nothing special no amazing deals. We don’t have a special source or cache of lever guns.  So you supply it or we source it, both work.  Email with questions about the process if you choose to supply us with a gun to build from.

Since the design is for a short, powerful, and very quiet rifle, the sacrifice is range.  I would put this as a solid 100-yard gun.  Anything within that range should be a reliable shot in a 1” – 1.5” MOA.  Once you start pushing out further, group size is going to spread, and accuracy diminish.  As with anything, we have customers saying they are good to 200 yards.

At its heart, this is a rifle that was manufactured to run the most common ammos you can buy at the gun shop or hardware store.  So yes, yes you can…BUT…

If you choose to run ammo that is NOT subsonic, then it’ll be loud.  Louder than subsonic ammo, but not as loud as non-suppressed.  Can you? Sure.  But why?  Once you purchase a Ferrari and they say run premium non-ethanol gas why would you run low grade pump gas?  Match the ammo to the design of the rifle, that’s what you bought it for.

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What happens when a few guys in the Northwest decide to step off the motorcycles, park the 4x4's, put out the campfire and decide to build some cool ass guns...Wren Metal Works is a licensed 07 FFL Manufacturer of Firearms and a licensed 02 SOT Manufacturer of NFA Firearms. We specialize in custom integrally suppressed firearms, and custom Cerakote finishes.  We look forward to working with you to build your next custom firearm.
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