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Our Torx head screw kits have been test-fit into only the models listed.  Please take your rifle to a gunsmith if unsure about the installation.  If you do it yourself, stop at the first sign of cross-thread or any difficulty.

INSTALL VIDEOS ON THE RESOURCE PAGE.  Stop by and have a look.

Torx Screw Kits are available for the following:

  • Henry rifles model H006G, H012GR, H012X, H009X, H012MX, H012GMR, H012CX
    • Trigger Plate Support Screw is included in the Henry Kit +1.
  • Marlin 1894, 1895, 336, 444
  • Rossi R92

Make sure you understand what model you have before you purchase.  We have only tested these kits to fit the models listed above.

NOTE: If your Henry Receiver has a screw on the left side, be sure to select the Henry Torx kit that has the additional Trigger Plate Support Screw (Henry +1)

Screw Kit


Henry | Marlin | Rossi

For years the gun industry has used slot headed screws for the receivers on guns. Back in the day, tooling and fabrication what it was, it was about the only choice. These days we have lots of options for screw heads. We decided that going all the way back to the start, around 100 years ago, the makers of lever rifles would have used torx’s head screws if they could have. They really make the most sense. Sure, they aren’t traditional, but flat head screws weren’t chosen because they were the best option, they were chosen because they were the only option. We are confident that anyone making a gun from the ground up today (like we are) Torx’s head would be the choice. So we made our own for HENRY, MARLIN & ROSSI lever action receivers. Upgrade yours today!

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